Friday, 14 December 2012

Progress On Main Animation

Today continued to work on my animation, I think i'm currently on schedule to meet the submission date.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Animation Development

Today I started on creating the background for the first part of my animation I also progressed on the documentation for my project adding sections such as ethical considerations and research. Yesterday I presented my idea to the rest of the class and answered any questions.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Health & Safety Considerations When Working in the Creative Media Industries

There are various health and safety laws which have been implemented by the government in an attempt to prevent injury both physically and mentally for example when working in the workplace there is legal requirements which companies must provide all of their employees such as the office should be adequately well lit to reduce the eye strain when working on a computer.  A business is also required to provide at least 11 square metres of space for each employee; this is to prevent employees from being crammed into small work areas which would very likely increase the risk of getting injured.  In most I.T related jobs employees are required to undergo Health & Safety awareness training which educates an employee on how work as safe as possible. Employees would be taught thing such as; how to set up your desk (positioning) and ensure that all employees sit at their desk in the right posture.  There is a legal requirement stating that employees are entitled to a 15 minute break after working at a PC for more than 45 minutes. It’s important that a freelancer keeps themselves physically fit and the way in which you can keep yourself fit is by doing at least 1 hour physical exercise each day.

Mel Dixon. (2010). Health and safety for freelancers. Available: Last accessed 4th Dec 2012.

When working as a freelancer in the creative media keeping healthy is very important as people who work as a freelancer aren’t entitled to sick pay which means that if you get sick and aren’t able to produce work for a client you aren’t compensated for time spent sick. It is wise if you are a freelancer to get in contact with professional friends who can help produce work for you when you get sick as the only thing a client cares about is that the project gets complete by the deadline. A freelancer could buy private health insurance which would insure them when they get sick although the average cost of private health insurance is £25 a month which is quite expensive and people who have long lastly health problems would likely find it very difficult to find a quote.

One of the most common causes of illness while at work is stress and obscene caused by stress can cost businesses a great deal of money as stressed related illnesses normally take considerably longer to recover from than physical injuries do.  Most businesses conduct employee satisfaction surveys which enable the business to see if the needs of the employees are being met and then the business make amendments based on that feedback.

There are various legal rights which a freelancer should be aware of, for example as a freelancer you are basically self-employed meaning that you won’t be entitled to your client’s sick pay if you become ill although you are entitled to a safe and health work space the same as the employees of the client.

The Workplace, Health, Safety and Welfare Regulations 1992 is set of regulations set out by law which deal with the physical environment in which you everyone works in. This includes having toilet facilities, first aid ,drinking and  resting areas for employees, this ensures that the employees stay healthy.

When in full time employment an employee is entitled to at least 28 days paid holiday every year. Freelancers are not given holiday pay from clients so it's important when you are freelancer to manage your time effecitively.

Bone Tool Armature Task

Today I created an animation using the bone tool on a character I made, This tool would be very useful when I begin work on my main animation. The initial process of creating the various parts of the character does take time but on completion it reduced the time of creating a animation on the long run.

Monday, 26 November 2012

Lip Sych in Animation

Today I learnt how to create a very basic lip syncing animation in Flash. It's important skill to master as my skill in it will be quite an important factor in achieving a good grade in my next assignm

Friday, 9 November 2012

Drag & Drop Game update

Today I published my drag and drop game as a AiR application and manipulated the XML file to how it should be.  I also added a page to my development document titled "Initial Ideas".

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Flash Game Progress

Today I have worked on my E-Zine article by creating two additional pages in photoshop which talks about succesful Flash Games. The E-zine article should acheive a high grade if all of the pages look like simialr to these:

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Understanding The Creative Media Sector


I am currently browsing jobs in the interactive media industry and listing jobs from various job search websites which I believe I would like to do. I will also be highlighting why I have chosen that job and professional development which I will need to do to enable me to apply for that job.

Why have you chosen that particular sector?
One of the sectors which I’m interested in is “Digital advertising” I have chosen this because the skills I have developed in this course has enabled me to be quite good at producing graphics in projects such as websites and applications. I have experience in creating dynamic backgrounds in after effects as well as user-friendly, functioning user interfaces.
What did you use to do your research?
I used several job search websites in my research and some were easier to use than others for example one of the websites which I used was “” which wasn’t as easy to use as the other websites I used and it didn’t provide as much information about jobs as the “CWJobs” did. The CWJobs I found a lot easier to use and I thought it had much more easy to use and attractive interface compared to The third website I used to search for jobs was “” which is a digital advertising company and is always listing jobs which are relevant to the sector I want to go into.

Job 1: Visual Advertising Designer

In this job the employer has stated that they require an advertising designer who can produce designs for various forms of digital advertising products such as websites and applications. Create desktop and mobile interface design, Landing Pages, HTML emails, Flash Banners, Affiliate and promotional advertising
Job Description:
Excellent opportunity for a mid-weight Visual/UI Designer at a digital experience agency based in Central London. The role would entail working on a wide variety of product and marketing design tasks and project work.
The reason I have chosen this job is because I have all of the required skills that the employer stated. Although the job is a senior role which means that the employer would likely require a very advanced knowledge of HTML and the design process in general which I don’t have.
The job conditions are as follows: The annual pay is between £30,000 and £40,000 and is a permanent position in the company. The company is called Premier Media and is located in central London.
What entry Level is this job?
I think this job is a mid –level job role because although the salary is £30,000 & £40,000
Do you see yourself applying to this kind of job in the future?
I expect I would apply for very similar jobs in the future as I have produced various projects which require me to produce user interfaces so I’m pretty confident when asked to produce them.
Pay and conditions?
The pay and condition for this particular job is £30,000 to 40,000 which because it's located in central London would be considered an average wage in that particular economic climate. As the cost of living in Central London is particularly high compared to other parts of the U.K where that wage could be considered quite a high wage.
What additional resources do you think you might need to perform this role effectively?
I would require various pieces of software on my own machine to enable me to continue working on various elements of the projects I work on. I would require software such as “Adobe Dreamweaver” to enable me to work on HTML in both a code writing view as well as a design view and I would also require software such as “Adobe Photoshop” which would enable me to produce visually stunning user interfaces.
Are there any special legal / H & S considerations?
In terms of health and safety there isn't any health and safety considerations in the work place which I can identify in the job description. Legal considerations would include insuring that all of the graphics which I produce is 100% created by me and I have not extracted and used someone else’s work because that would be a breach in copyright.
Are there any opportunities for CPD, and if not, how could you develop professionally?
I doesn't state that there is any professional development opportunities available for this job but I would expect that this job would offer an employee a great amount of experience in the industry such as knowledge in how to produce various design documentation.

Job 2: User Interface Developer

This job is very similar to the one above although most of the requirements are different for example the employer states that they require a user-interface developer with experience with Java and have the capacity to use large level of datasets.
Create user-interface using Java, AJAX and be able to use large levels of datasets.
Many of the requirements for this job I haven’t got experience in so a great deal of independent learning would be required.
This job is located in Yorkshire and the company is called “Premier Group Recruitment”.
Job Description:
A JavaScript user interface developer is required to work on an in-house data analysis platform spanning research and commercial projects. The role requires a clear knowledge of Java to interact with backend services and an awareness of customer constraints. The successful user interface developer should have a clear knowledge of Javascript and at least one well known front-end visualisation library (e.g. highcharts, raphael/graphael, D3, ProcessingJS, JQplot, etc.). In addition, the user interface developer should have the ability to work with potentially large scale datasets (e.g. visualisations with many thousands of data points). Candidates must also demonstrate clear abilities to work with both external parties and the in-house development team in a dynamic and growing state-of-the-art SME involved in a range of related projects ranging from aerospace, financial, scientific and more.

What entry Level is this job?

I think this job is a mid-level job because the employer has stated that they require someone who has the capacity to work independently so this wouldn’t be a junior role.

Do you see yourself applying to this kind of job in the future?
Graphical design isn’t my strongest element of this particular sector as I personally believe I’m not particularly good at producing attractive digital graphics. It is unlikely that I would apply for a position like this in the future as it isn’t my specialist area.

Pay and conditions?
The pay and conditions for this job is as follows; the rate of pay is between £30'000 – 35'000

What additional resources do you think you might need to perform this role effectively?
This job in my opinion is considerably more demanding than the previously listed job and it requires the applicant to have a knowledge of a much broader range of programming languages. For this job I would likely require many different programs which enable me to program in the programming languages listed in the job description. It may also be useful to use dual monitors to enable me to reference samples of code when programming.

Are there any special legal / H & S considerations?
There isn't really any and health and safety considerations involved with this job although an applicant should be aware that they will be working with clients in all sorts of different industry and this may require you to travel abroad to conduct meetings with clients. This isn't stated in the job description but it could still be a consideration.
Are there any opportunities for CPD, and if not, how could you develop professionally?
The employer doesn't state that there is any opportunities for professional development but I would think that this job would give the employee experience in working to the specification of clients in various sectors.

Job 3: Digital Agency Interface Designer

This employer is seeking an applicant who can develop web pages and mobile applications, must have good skills in JavaScript, Photoshop and the applicant would have chance to learn new skills.

Job Description:
We are looking for Interface Developers to join our fantastic International Digital Consultancy, based in the heart of Soho. It’s an incredibly exciting time to be joining the team – we’re working with a diverse range of clients, producing award-winning work and expanding both in the UK and globally! And, as always, we make sure it’s a brilliant place to be with table tennis, football, darts, fridges full of beer and, of course, wonderful and extremely talented colleagues!
As an Interface Developer, you’ll be responsible for developing the frontend of a variety of websites and internet-based applications (with guidance from accessibility and interface experts in-house). You may also be required to advise on broader interface objectives; including accessibility, usability, SEO and front end optimisation. Photoshop abilities and solid knowledge of JavaScript and jQuery are essential. No two projects are the same and there is always a variety of technologies used from project to project. At Reading Room, you’ll get the chance to develop your skill set in a fun and challenging work environment. You’ll liaise with other members of the technical team, as well as the creative and client services departments, so it’s essential that you enjoy a fast paced environment and are flexible and adaptable to changing priorities.
Reading Room is an award-winning, digital agency with over 200 staff across six offices in the UK, Australia, and Singapore. We retain the feel of a smaller agency by operating as small teams comprised of staff with diverse interests but who are united in our passion for great digital design and strategy.
We have a very diverse team and we will offer you every opportunity to grow and develop your skills. We’re looking for someone who takes great pride in their work; someone with the right attitude who will fit into our highly skilled team and have the same passion and drive that we have for every project we work on.

What entry Level is this job?
From the job description I think this job is a junior role because it’s described as a job which offers applicants the opportunity to learn new skills. This also sounds like the projects would be done in a group so you would always have help available.

Do you see yourself applying to this kind of job in the future?
This is very much a job I would apply for because it’s a junior role in a particular sector I’m interested in. I would defiantly apply for this job if it was based somewhere closer to where I live now but this job is based in London so would take about 3 hours to travel there.

Pay and conditions?
In this job the salary isn't fixed, the salary is dependant on the applicants experience but as it's located in London I would estimate the average salary would be around £35'000

What additional resources do you think you might need to perform this role effectively?
This job has the same requirements as the first job I listed, where I would require software such as “Adobe Dreamweaver” to enable me write JavaScript and I would also require “Adobe Photoshop” to create the user interfaces professionally

Are there any special legal / H & S considerations?
There isn't any health and considerations because I would be located in an office and would access to help from fellow employees.

Are there any opportunities for CPD, and if not, how could you develop professionally?
This job states that there is opportunities for the development of skills so it would enable me to learn new skills while still working.

Job 4: Junior UI Designer

This is basically a very similar to what I have described before although this is a junior position so has less responsibility then the roles I have previously listed and great career progression opportunity. This is job is realistically the only one Illegible to apple for as the previous listings are very much senior roles.

Job Description:
My client is seeking a Junior UI Designer to join a fast expanding start up. The correct Junior User Interface Designer will have a genuine desire for carer progression and a keen interest in a multiple of design platforms.
This start-up company offer genuine career progression within their fast growing team. Office is situated in the heart of Edinburgh with inspiring views of the City center.
This junior role offers the correct User Interface Designer the opportunity to work on a multiple of platforms using the latest technologies.
• Photoshop / GIMP
• Illustrator / Inkscape
• InDesign / Scribus

What entry Level is this job?
This job is obviously a low level entry level because it’s a junior role in this particular sector.

Do you see yourself applying to this kind of job in the future?
This job is very similar the previous listing although this is located in Edinburgh which is 8 hours away. I wouldn’t apply for this job purely on the shear distance to get there. If that wasn’t a factor I would apply for this job.

Pay and conditions?
The wage available for this job is between £17,000 to £23,000 and is located in Edinburgh where the cost living is less than that of London and Manchester. This is quite a low wage but should be expected considering this is a junior position.

What additional resources do you think you might need to perform this role effectively?
The “Adobe Design suite” software would be sufficient to complete any tasks related to this job.

Are there any special legal / H & S considerations?
I don't believe there is any health and safety related to this job as you aren’t require to operate any machinery or equipment which requires special training.

Are there any opportunities for CPD, and if not, how could you develop professionally?
As this is a junior position it would likely be the first job of the applicant in the industry so this job would offer essential experience as well as essential skills in making products for real clients.

Job 5: Web Designer in Bournemouth, Dorset

Job Description:
Web designer required by Bournemouth based market leaders in web design and applications. Are you a talented individual who has a passion for web design? Can work in a self-sufficient manor and pro-active on your own, then what are waiting for?! The successful candidate must boast 3+ years' experience of Web design with Illustrator, Photoshop and Adobe Acrobat experience. An excellent understanding and application of current HTML/CSS standards and Graphical User Interface (GUI) design is a must. This role will include interpreting written and verbal briefs into professional site designs ensuring that completed designs follow accessibility guidelines, assisting developers in the implementation of designs and contribute to the development of new products and services through the identification and recommendation of suitable technologies and practices.

What entry Level is this job?
This is a mid-level job role because the employer has stated that applicants should have at least 3 years’ experience already working in the industry although the skills which are required to do that job aren’t particularly that advanced in terms of the “Web Design” industry so I wouldn’t class this as a high entry level role.

Do you see yourself applying to this kind of job in the future?
I do see myself applying for Web Designer jobs in the future as I am pretty confident at coding in HTML/ CSS and producing graphical user interfaces. I will likely apply for a web designing job when I finish college as there seems to be quite a lot of them in my local area.

Pay and conditions?
The annual salary for this job £20'000 – 25'000 as well as a Bonus + Pension

What additional resources do you think you might need to perform this role effectively?
This job would also only require design software such as Photoshop or illustrator as it involves creating the look of an application, it would also be useful to have Flash Builder and and Flash catalyst as they are perfect pieces of of software to add dynamic effects to applications as well as adding functionality with samples of XML code.

Are there any special legal / H & S considerations?
The applicant must be able to work independently and produce pieces of work without being supervised.
Are there any opportunities for CPD, and if not, how could you develop professionally?
This job doesn't state if there is any opportunities for professional development although the applicant would largely be working independently so the experience gained by working independently would likely aid the applicant when searching for a senior job afterwards.

Job 6: Rich Media Flash Developer

Job Description:
This job is located in Los Angeles and is with a company called Socialvibe. Socialvibe is a company which specialises in the digital advertising and is highly successful because their apps which are integrated into rich media websites interact with consumers.
This job would require experience in both coding and design. For example a broad knowledge in Flash Builder and Action Script 3 would be required. The employer also stated that all of the code which you develop would need to be laid out clearly so that is can be reused.
I think this job is very much a mid-level job as the requirements aren’t as demanding as the previous job which I have listed but I do see myself applying for jobs very similar to this. On completion of this course I should have enough knowledge to apply for a junior level of the same job.
Primary Responsibilities
•Develop engaging, interactive rich-media ad units for world-class brand campaigns
•Use Flash Builder and/or Flash CS5 to build Flash assets from scratch and work with third-party provided source Flash files
•Write clean, reusable, and scalable Action Script code
•Optimize video formats for use in custom video players
•Work closely with a creative director to collaboratively come up with concepts and execute those concepts using Flash
•Adhere to time-sensitive deadlines and remain responsive and reactive from concept to launch

What entry Level is this job?
I think this job is a mid-level job because it requires quite broad knowledge and experience in the whole sector.

Do you see yourself applying to this kind of job in the future?
This job role I would really enjoy and would be my main choice from all the ten listings I have made. I hope there is a similar company in the U.K which would enable me to do this.
Pay and conditions?
The salary isn't listed in the job description and as this job is based in the U.S then as this is mid level job it could be around $50'000
What additional resources do you think you might need to perform this role effectively?
This job would require software such as Adobe Flash to write Action Script 3 and Flash Builder which would be used to add XML to the flash applicant I make.
Are there any special legal / H & S considerations?
I would need to research how the U.S law differs from the U.K law in relevant areas I would be working in. For example copyright law etc.
Are there any opportunities for CPD, and if not, how could you develop professionally?
None listed in the description but this job would likely enable me to work in various other areas of the media in the U.S.

Job 7: Mobile Video UX / UI Designer

Job Description:
My client creates amazing apps and websites that are used by consumers all over the world to stream videos to mobiles and tablets. This is a great opportunity to take the next step in your UX / UI design career and join a massively innovative company.
You will be the design expert joining a team of Developers and working on apps for huge broadcasting clients - you can bet your life you have watched one of their channels, films, programmes or productions.
The focus of this role is really on the design element so it's imperative that you have knowledge in user experience (UX), user interface design (UI) AND usability, as you will be involved in the entire design process.
Because you will be acting as the DESIGN expertise working alongside the Developers, you will need to be skilled in Adobe CS, as well wire-framing and UX prototyping. You must understand user journeys and enjoy an agile development environment.
UX Prototyping
User Experience (UX)
User Interface (UI)
Customer Journeys
Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator…)
You will be involved in the whole design process so experience with design authoring software such as the adobe suite would be essential as well as experience with prototyping software.

What entry Level is this job?
I believe that this job is very much a mid-level role as the employer states in the job description that they require someone who has had past experience with the software they will be using. They also require someone who has understanding of the whole design process.

Do you see yourself applying to this kind of job in the future?
I do see myself applying for this kind of job in the future because mobile applications are very popular at the moment and I think it would offer opportunities to make a name for myself if I produce a popular app.
Pay and conditions?
This job offers between £30'000 and £40'000 but the opportunities for a pension or bonus isn't stated in the description.
What additional resources do you think you might need to perform this role effectively?
The resources that you might require for this job include the adobe suite a swell maybe some 3d modelling software to enable you to create 3d objects for the apps.
Are there any special legal / H & S considerations?
The description doesn't state that there would the use of any equipment which may pose a health risk.
Are there any opportunities for CPD, and if not, how could you develop professionally?
No CPD stated in description although you could developing skills in the creation of mobile apps is very useful at the moment in the industry.

Job 8: Flash App Developer

My client has an urgent requirement for a flash app developer with flash cs6 and action script 3 strong OO programming. This is a short term contract to assist with bug fixing with the potential for extra work. This is an urgent opportunity for a front end flash app developer to join my client and consultants need to be available immediately.
The following are essential skills for my client:
•Front end flash app developer
•Flash cs6
•Actionscript 3
•OO programming
•Flash client app architecture
•Live up streaming with flash media server 4 understanding
This employer has stated in the job description that this job is temporary role and would only involve working on a single project for a couple of weeks.

What entry Level is this job?
From the job description I think this job is a mid-level job because I think the employer is just looking for someone who can work independently and start working as soon as they start without any additional help. It’s very unlikely that they would hire a junior level applicant because they wouldn’t have the confidence that they would complete the work without any help or supervision.

Do you see yourself applying to this kind of job in the future?
I have created an app in Flash Catalyst and Flash Builder but very confident in creating applications in Action Script 3 so this isn't job I would apply for currently.
Pay and conditions?
The job description states that a successful applicant would earn between £250 - £300 per day although this job is only for 2 weeks
What additional resources do you think you might need to perform this role effectively?
I would think that I would need to provide all of the software myself for this type of job but the main piece of software would be Adobe Flash.
Are there any special legal / H & S considerations?
The employee must be able to start immediately on the project.

Are there any opportunities for CPD, and if not, how could you develop professionally?
I don't think so as this is very much a contract job so I would think that the applicant focuses on developing their skills when not on a contracted job.

Job 9: Flash Games Developer (AS3)

Job Description:
My client is a world leading provider of online gaming & player management systems to the Bingo, casino, poker & instant win markets. Due to the acquisition of a number of new major projects this multi award winning company is looking to expand their London office and hire a number of new Java developers to satisfy the fast moving requirements of the business.
They are looking for an individual who has the technical skills, design sensibility, and personal communications skills to support our development and application projects. The successful candidate will possess the required technical acumen and will have a good natured, personable demeanor to mesh well with our team. We are looking for programmers that are into great programming
-Work on existing and new websites and interactive games
-Utilizing best practices for software development
-Creating and maintaining Flash applications and websites.
-Contributing to the high-end Action Script and client-side development for consumer facing internet properties.
-Working with development and integration creatively to bring applications from ideas to implementation.
-Aiming to achieve a good understanding of business objectives and be able to translate them into technical design and implementation.
-Must be a team player
-2+ years of professional programming
-2+ years programming in Action Script 3.0 (AS3)
-Strong knowledge and experience with Object Oriented Programming
-Ability to develop multi-media applications by using a combination of design patters such as MVC, Singleton, Proxy, Factory, and Dependency Injection.
-Good knowledge of OOP principles either through previous work samples, interview, and/or references.
-Experience in developing xml driven applications, dynamic instantiation of multimedia assets, and coding within the boundaries of a given programming framework.
-Willing to contribute to the on-going development of our programming framework by specifying ways to better implement the use of design patterns without disrupting production.
-Some experience with porting AS3 applications into AIR for iOS as well as knowledge of the iOS application distribution process is desired.
-Experience in developing SCORM compliant e-learning courses using Action Script 3.0 is a plus.
-Experience programming with the AWAY3D framework and 3D flash games also a huge plus.
What entry Level is this job?
I believe that this job is a senior job role simply by looking at the salary. A successful applicant would be earning between £40,000 and £60,000. The
Do you see yourself applying to this kind of job in the future?
As this is a senior job it would be many years before I have enough experience to apply for this type of job. This job has very high salary so I would very much like the apply for this type of job if I can develop my skills with XML and Action Script 3
Pay and conditions?
This job has a salary of between £40'000 and £60'000 further benefits aren’t listed
What additional resources do you think you might need to perform this role effectively?
This job would require software needed to developer apps so it would require either Adobe illustrator or Photoshop to develop to appearance of the app and you could then use Adobe Flash , Catalyst, Builder so develop the functionality of the app.

Are there any special legal / H & S considerations?
None that I can identify in the job description.

Are there any opportunities for CPD, and if not, how could you develop professionally?
Develop skills working in a team.

Job 10: Mid Weight Digital Designer

Job Description:
We are looking to hire… 
You will be an enthusiastic, curious and talented Creative who is overflowing with ideas. You will be an innovator with a ‘can-do’ attitude but won’t lose sight of the fundamentals of good communication. 
You will have that infectious curiosity that makes you different, in a good way. You love to think bigger, wider, more cleverly and get a kick from knowing your work made a difference. 
You will work with other designers, developers and the Creative Director to produce work across a variety of content types including websites, online advertising, mobile, web applications, social media, email and everything else in-between. You will also have experience of working across multiple platforms and multiple audience needs.
You will need to have solid agency experience, and you will know that design isn’t about trends and fashion, but about communication and marketing. You will be able to present your ideas to our Account & Project Managers, and justify your design decisions. You will be a details person; you will know that it’s the little things which make the difference.
You will work closely and collaboratively with a small team striving to produce awesome results for clients who we care about. Good team skills are crucial. Most of all, you’ll be fun to work with, full of ideas and will never, ever stop learning.
You will need…

3 years agency experience working with name brands on Campaigns, not just websites
Fluency in Photoshop, Illustrator and Mac Technology
A conceptual and ideas driven portfolio of digital design and user experience work
Strong typography skills
Some mobile experience
Good knowledge of HTML and CSS
Bonus skills are video editing / 3D, Flash or Motion GFX
Good communication skills - you should feel confident when in front of the team
An appreciation of technology. You will challenge and collaborate with our developers
Attention to detail
To be aware of the marketing and commercial needs of clients
Be able to meet the demands of deadline-driven work
To own your designs from concept to completion (although the process is collaborative
A real passion for digital; in touch with current innovations and ideas
Enthusiasm and a good sense of humour

What entry Level is this job?
This is a mid weight job as this job requires at least 3 years experience working with named brands

Do you see yourself applying to this kind of job in the future?
I haven’t got that much experience working with Macs so I wouldn't be confident enough to work in environment where everything was done on macs, so I wouldn't apply for this particular job.
Pay and conditions?
This job has a salary which is dependant on the experience of the applicant. This job does offer bonuses.
What additional resources do you think you might need to perform this role effectively?
The applicant should have a powerful multi-media PC which can run Photoshop and other digital graphics software effectively without delays and periods of unresponsiveness
Are there any special legal / H & S considerations?
All work produced is owned by you although would be used collaboratively with co workers.
Are there any opportunities for CPD, and if not, how could you develop professionally?
From the description this job involves quite a lot of digital graphics design so learning new skills and techniques in Photoshop would help you develop.

What is the most appropriate for you and why?

The Junior user-interface designer job is the most appropriate for me currently as I have the skills necessary to apply for that job and It's what interests me in this particular sector. I would then like to progress to a job similar to the Rich-media developer job which was located in L.A as that is what I believe I will be most interested in a

Freelance Work

Some of the key advantages of freelance employment are having the choice on when and what you want to workIn freelance work you can have be working on a wide range of different projects.
If you haven’t got any money coming in you may need to work on project which you don’t really want to do. Freelancers also get to manage their own tax so you have the ability to manipulate the amount of tax you have to pay. You can also claim back some the tax you pay on things such as travel expenses and the cost of resources to enable you to do you work effectively such as the cost of a new computer.
When you work freelance you are required to present an invoice to the client who clearly states how much they are required to pay for your work. The disadvantage is that if you have worked for private company then they can wait for 90 days until they have to pay you, without penalty.

It’s also very hard for a freelancer to get mortgage as the work isn’t consistent and the bank would prefer someone who has a regular secure job. Freelancers have the potential to build up a good portfolio pretty quickly which will ultimately result in them getting better projects to work on and potentially earn more money.

Contract Work
The advantages of contract work are that the work is relatively regular and you can expect a payment at the end of each month for the work you have done in the previous week. In contract work you are able to receive various weeks of paid holiday each year. You also receive a pension for contract work which will be given to you when you retire. It is likely that the retiring age of will reduce in the coming years as employers always prefer having younger employees.
With contract work you are required to follow the rules and regulations of the contract. Which means you may be required to wear a uniform and a follow health and safety regulations. it's easier to get a mortgage with contact work because it's regualr work so the bank knows that it's likely you will pay the thier monthly fees
d good at.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

AS3 Buttons

Today I learnt how to create buttons in Action Script 3.

I created a four page wesbite by using the following code:

button_5.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, NextPage3);
function NextPage3(event:MouseEvent):void
 trace('Next Page ')


button_7.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, PrePage3);
function PrePage3(event:MouseEvent):void
 trace('Previous Page ')

I will likely use this code when making any future projects in ActionScipt 3.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Interactive Board Game

Today I worked on creating a interactive board game which is required to last a duration of between 30 - 60 mins. The game also needs to support 3 players. One of the initial ideas we had was an adaptation of the pac-man board game but change the whole theme of the game so it's current and would appeal to a larger audience. We then thought of making it "MineCraft" themed as that has quite a large fan base and would likely be highly succesful if done well.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

My Project Design

Designs influenced by Objectives
Design & Review of objectives
Initial objectives:
Objective 1:
Must be able to detect movements higher up.
The reason I thought this objective should be included in the project was because the robot is very small a person would be considerably taller so I thought I would need to put angle the sensor so it would detect taller objects.
Objective 2:

The robot will use an ultrasonic sensor to detect an intruder. The robot must be small enough so that 
it can remain hidden from a potential intruder.
During the design stage of the project I was thinking on how I would make the robot detect intruders so I thought that I should implement an ultrasonic sensor to enable the robot to detect movement. I also stated in the design that the robot should be as small as possible.
Objective 3:
The robot would remain silent and relay the detection then after duration of time restart the program.

In the design I stated that the detecting robot should remain silent so that the intruder is unaware they had triggered an alarm. The alarm should also be able to automatically restart after detection without the need for user input.

Objective 4:

The robot wouldn’t sound an alarm because it has to be a silent security device to relay the detection accurately to another device.

During the design stage I also thought that the project should use a wireless connection to send a message to the other device. The reason I set is as an objective was to ensure that the robot uses a wireless medium to send a receive messages as this makes the robot more stealthy.
Objective 5:
The alert must be sent to the device securely and a reasonable time after the detection is made.
A concern which I thought about in my design was the actual time taken to receive the detection from the other NXT brick if the time is too long then it’s very important that it’s made better so this was the reason I set it as an objective

Objective 1:
The way in which the design of my robot has been influenced by objectives was that in my designs I made the sensor angle upwards so that It would detect higher objects. I included this design in my storyboard.

Objective 2:
The way my designs have been influenced by objective 2 was to make my robot as small as possible so that it can remain undetectable to intruders. I will try to include the fewest amount of Lego components as possible without hindering performance.

Objective 3:
This objective influenced the programming and not the physical design. I will have to implement a forever loop on the NXT program for the robot and a wait block so that it will forever detect intruders after a 10 seconds cool down period between each detection.

Objective 4:

This objective influenced me to think that I will need to have another NXT brick in order to relay the detection secretly. I needed to think about the programming for the receiving brick as well as how to connect the Bluetooth together. This influenced the design of my pseudo code.

Objective 5:

During the planning of the project I believed that this is a serious factor in the project and I must be able to make the whole “Send Intrusion Message” function work correctly and work quickly. This influenced me to look at the various ways In which I’m able to send messages using the NXT bricks so Blue tooth became heavily involved in the design of the robot as well as in the programming. The use of Blue-tooth would need to be explained in my user guide as well as the Technical document. Blue-tooth also influenced me to look for additional ideas for future development of the project. The use of Blue-tooth also improved the design of the project because in the early stages of planning the project I was thinking of using a wired technique of relaying detection messages but the blue-tooth enables the robot to stay as small as possible and without needing the change the physical design of the robot.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Jobs In the interactive media industry

Q 1: Average salary for interactive media jobs, compared with average salary for IT jobs in general (12.4)

The average wage for someone who works in the interactive media industry is £37,000 while the average wage of someone in the I.T sector in general is £50,000 although the average wage in the I.T sector has increased by 22% from the previous year (2011) while the I.T sector in general has only increased by 5%.

From the statistics above you can clearly see that interactive media jobs are getting paid more year on year than the I.T sector in general.

Q 2: How many Interactive Media jobs have been advertised on this website over the past 3 months? (12.4)

The numbers of jobs in the interactive media industry which have been quoted on the I.T job watch website in the last 3 months are 34 which is a slight increase from the previous year but significantly less than the amount which were quoted in 2010.


How many of these jobs were likely to have been junior positions? (12.4)

From the listings I can identify about 9 jobs which are possible junior positions while the others seem to be experienced or senior job roles.

Q4: Which parts of the UK have the most jobs? (12.4)

From the map view it seems that most of the jobs listed are located in Central London and in larger city areas such as Edinburgh and Bristol.

Q5: What IT skills are most in demand at the moment? (12.4)

The most desired I.T skill at the moment is CSS which stands for Cascading style sheets which is a file which is in charge of setting up various elements of a HTML document such as the font, font colour and overall layout.

Q6: What computer applications are most in demand at the moment? (12.4)

The most wanted computer applications at the moment seem to be Adobe software such as Photoshop and Illustrator.

Q7: Click on the "Find Jobs" button and see what comes up.

IT support roles seem to be one of the most demanded roles in the IT sector.

Q8: You might notice that many jobs are advertised by job agencies. What is a job agency and how do they make their money? (12.4)

A job agency named “Accenture” makes money by receiving a percentage of the salary of the employee the employer hires.

Q9: Explain what is meant by 'Permanent' and 'Contract' in the job market. (12.4)

A permanent job is a job in which you are part of forever until fired or made redundant. A contract job is job in which you assigned to for set period of time and given a certain task to complete in that time. A contractor normally gets more money while a permanent job is more secure and regular.

Q10 & Q11:

Find one job that you could potentially apply for. Describe it, and explain why you would like this job. (12.5)

Evaluate your skills in relation to this job. (12.5)What can you already do? What do you still need to learn?

One of the jobs which I think I could apply for would be the following job as I have experience In Databases, digital media creation & editing as well as a basic network understanding. I don't have experience in administration for Linux.


Besides advertisements, how else might you meet potential employers? (12.5)

Meet the employer in person or go to their official website and see if you can apply. Other ways you can meet an employer is through trade fairs or expos, you would basically arrive there with your CV and the employer may consider you.